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Krish V.

Age: 36
Total Weight Loss: 117 pounds!

I wouldn't have been able to drop 117 lbs. without a dedicated Coach who was an advocate of natural weight loss. Marjan's kind personality, patienc[...]


Rebecca D.

Age: 39
Total Weight Loss: 37 pounds!

I found the Let’s Nutrition Weight Loss program to be awesome! I am not hungry and don’t experience any cravings. Marjan helped me adapt many of m[...]


Maggie P.

Age: 49
Total Weight Loss: 27 pounds!

I feel so much better after losing almost 30 lbs with Marjan. Feeling healthier and having more confidence is what I have achieved from my new lifest[...]


Laila G.

Age: 47
Total Weight Loss: 24 pounds!

“After being on cholesterol lowering medication for over 3 years with no change in my cholesterol levels, they are now well within normal range. I o[...]


Kandice B.

Age: 41
Total Weight Loss: 31 pounds!

I love how I fit into my size small clothes again. After 2 kids and 2 miscarriages, it feels good to be able to wear my favorite jeans again. I lost 3[...]


Lisa J.

Age: 38
Total Weight Loss: 41 pounds!

Going from a size 18 to 10 in less than six months was a dream for someone like me who have always been overweight my entire life.I never felt like I [...]


Donna M.

Age: 49
Total Weight Loss: 38 pounds!

I have been a yo-yo dieter for over 15 years. It never hit me that I have to do something for my weight permanently until I was  diagnosed with Type [...]


Tom C.

Age: 51
Total Weight Loss: 33 pounds!

I have been working out all my life, but after I hit 40, I realized that regardless of my active lifestyle I had gained over 30 lbs in the last 4 year[...]


Kathy M.

Age: 59
Total Weight Loss: 16 pounds!

By following Let’s Nutrition's Plan, I lost 16 lbs and am no longer in the pre-diabetic category. In addition to having lost weight, I also feel muc[...]


Tony D.

Age: 24
Total Weight Loss: 24 pounds down!

I was referred to Marjan by my physician. Since starting with Let’s Nutrition, I am down by 24 lbs and am still losing weight. Life is better after [...]


Mandy R.

Age: 56
Total Weight Loss: 43 pounds!

I have tried diets in the past to lose the weight. I had no problem losing, but kept going back to my old habits after 2 weeks of pride and confidence[...]


Rubin B.

Age: 37
Total Weight Loss: 11 pounds!

I have always been struggling to lose only 10 lbs, but it seemed almost impossible and like a wish. No matter how much I ran on the treadmill or cut b[...]


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